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We are Mae & Kay

a Filipina-German couple fondly called “The Nussers”.

Every story is unique! no matter how many stories we hear in our life. Wherever we live, whatever we eat, whichever language we speak, whatever the case may be, at the bottom of every tale is our appreciation for the Gift of Life. And it’s these stories that make us smile when we feel like crying or make us go on when stress and everyday pitfalls get us down. These stories make us realize that life is beautiful, full of adventures, and always WORTH LIVING.

Beyond our cultural differences, we are linked with our passion

For these, together with “Black Dane” – our Motorcycle – we take you along with us on the ride.


First-hand stories we encounter, may it be with people, the culture, the language, or unwanted circumstances


New experiences in every country we visit, visa requirements, the border crossings, or must-see places


Food we prepare, being fit and healthy on-the-go, and all the randomness we encounter

Our Journey in Numbers

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